I broke no contact with my ex, what do I do now?

My ex bf has been thinking of breaking up for some time. He wasn't sure whether he wanted a relationship at this point, so he kept changing his mind several times in the last few weeks.
Then on, Saturday he finally broke up with. I accepted it and acted like I was cool with it. He sent me one more message, which I didn't reply to.

I didn't contact him at all throughout the next three days, until I saw that he had deleted me off facebook. For some reason, I just felt really pissed, as he was the one who dumped me and didn't have a reason to delete me, after I had been so nice and understanding of the breakup.

I ended up making all the mistakes you're not supposed to make and told him how badly he had hurt me, how he had just discarded me like I was nothing, how I had loved him, how I still wanted for us to stay in contact etc. I know I shouldn't have written all those things.. He told me that he was thinking about me and missing me and that he couldn't work the other day because of the thought of me.

I feel really pathetic for writing to him and feel like he's got all the power over me now, because he knows how I feel miserable right now.

So should I just stick to no contact again?


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  • Don't worry. Life is not a game. There are no rules. Lick your wounds and when you feel strong again stand tall again and face the world. You said your piece and that was correct. Be proud of what you did. You told him how you felt and that is correct. He hurt you and you should tell him, and you did.
    Be true to yourself and that is the only way to be. Screw what everyone else thinks.

    • Thanks a lot for your answer. You're right, I did tell him how much he hurt me and it made me feel a lot better.

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  • He deleted you from FB to get a reaction, I did this too when my ex broke up with me and I too got a reaction.. but it's not what you're hoping for.

    Just go NC all over again, do it thirty days, delete his FB, his number, EVERYTHING that reminds you of him.. remember NC is not about getting him back, it's about clearing your mind and realizing that you don't need to put effort into someone that thinks you are not necessairy in their life.

    • Thanks for the quick answer. Yeah, you're right.. I'm sticking to no contact and I have no desire of getting back together with him, after the way he's been treating me for weeks now.

    • No problem, I'm glad you realised now and that you didn't hang on for a few weeks like me. It's difficult in the beginning but after the thirty days you'll feel much better.

  • " So should I just stick to no contact again? "

    There's no point. First, it's not a female strategy, because girls can never shut up. Two, it only ever has a chance of working ONCE. You've tried it and failed at it.

    • Thanks for your input.. I'm just gonna stick to trying to heal myself.

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  • You will not find any closure from your ex. He deleted you from his fb because he is trying to forget you
    You should do the same
    Don't be mad that he did that
    The relationship is over
    No contact is for you to get over him and to get closure
    It's not for him