How do I ask my crush out?

We have been best friends for almost a year now and I am in love with her now. I want to ask her out but I am afraid that if she says no, we will lose this already amazing friendship. What do I do?


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  • U can start by saying I want to ask u something but promise me it won't affect our friendship if I do and u don't like it. She'll probably know what your going to ask then just ask her u will never know otherwise and if she stops the friendship or doesn't like what u ask then she was never a true friend anyway. Good luck


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  • You should tell her first, but make it clear you don't want to ruin the friendship. However if she doesn't like you back you might want some time away from her to be able to get over her


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  • It's a risk. There are no guarantees in romance. She may say no and you may lose the friendship. Weigh your options and think about it carefully. If you decide to do it, just be straightforward with her.

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