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I met this guy a couple of months ago at club on a night out, we hit off really well and spent hours talking instead of partying. (At the time I was living in another state and only visiting this city, but we exchanged number because I was moving there soon)

A month later I came back to his city to organize things before moving.. we went on a date, we had a few drinks and talked a bit, then played 10 pin bowling and some pool.. He stayed the night at the place I was staying with me, we didn't have sex.

We stayed in touch for a couple of months, not a lot just little bits here and there to see how we were each going. After I moved to his city we talked a bit more.

2 weeks ago we went on a second date, had a few drinks and he came back to mine. Again no sex, but the next day he hung around all day til late afternoon. We lay in bed talking about stuff that really interests us both, the meaning of life and religion, philosophy type things.

We've been in touch over the last 2 weeks, and said if I'm not doing anything Saturday evening maybe we could do something. Presuming this will be 3rd date.

He seems like a shy type of guy, on the dates we have a few silences but not awkward , they were very comfortable silences, we'll exchange smiles, glance at each others eyes and have a laugh and we get on well. When he stayed at mine the next dat he was very affectionate, and he kept lying on his side in bed just looking at me, tracing his fingers over me and lying ontop of me. It feels really natural being around him, but he's so difficult to read. I don't know what he's thinking and usually I'm really good at reading guys. But he's so... Different.

Just in general does it sound like it could be promising?

How many dates or weeks would you wait to see how serious someone is about seeing eachother?

What are shy or socially awkward guys like on dates?


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  • Obviously not into you because of the sex. If neither of you makes a move then this may lead to major sexual frustration. It sounds like he is not dominant male so you male have to bring up your desires, wants, and needs. I know you're thinking about sex because you brought it up twice.

    If you want a relationship. Say so. I know this is supposed to be the guy's job, and on behalf of them: "Ladies, sorry for being such pussies. We are working on this problem and the plan is to be more assertive and being a true dominant male."

    • I brought sex up because I know most people will jump to the conclusion that we spent the night together so sex had to have happened, not because its on my mind and I'm aching for it.. other sexual acts were performed on the second date.

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    • Shy and awkward guys expect women to make the move because they are too coy or haven't learned how to do it themselves. They follow instead of lead the woman.

    • Thanks for the MH.

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  • shy/socially awkward guys have trouble initiating in situations like this because it falls outside their comfort zone. Because it's outside their comfort zone, they get nervous and ends up doing nothing or backing off. They are generally fine on dates, but when things get intimate, they might freezeup and wait for really obvious signs, and i mean BIG GIANT SIGNS, cause they wanna be 100% certain. But rest assured he is definitely into you, it'll just take time for him to integrate what is foreign to him into his comfort zone. Also if you wish to be intimate and dont wanna wait around, i suggest you make a move, e. g bring your face really close to his, see how he reacts.

  • Sounds like it. I certainly wouldn't consider it's a boyfriend/girlfriend thing. But I think it's acceptable for you to say things like "I really like spending time with you, I hope we can start seeing each other more often"


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