What if we both friend zoned each other but we like each other?

I really like this girl that has a boyfriend. She knows I want her because she's a beautiful girl and she has guys chasing after her all the time but always shuts them down. I feel like she kind of led me on because she's the one that actually started talking to me and was a huge flirt and didn't tell me she had a boyfriend until a few weeks after we met. After that I stopped all flirting and we both kind of friend zoned each other but I really like her and I know she still likes me because she keeps wanting to hangout and doesn't talk about her boyfriend around me anymore.

One day when we met she told me she was in an argument with him and was about to break up but I thought she was just looking for a reaction from me so I didn't encourage her or anything. I actually kind of took his side and told her she was being really cold to her boyfriend. So she didn't end up breaking up with him but now I know she doesn't really like him that much. Her boyfriend is not really the problem because she would probably leave him if I started showing interest again.

But like I said we both friend zoned each other and we are both too stubborn to actually let our feelings show so we keep playing these stupid games. I'm actually a good looking guy myself and I can always move on to other girls but I just really want her.

What should I do?


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  • i think you should show her how you feel. be sure it isn't just your mind play sing tricks, and investigate on the topic, or bring it up around her friends to see their reaction. girl usually don't show their feels because everyone is scared to be hurt. i think go for it and just be yourself, and worst case, she says no and you don't have to wonder anymore


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  • She friendzoned you, dude. You didn't friendzone her at all, because you'd fuck her right now if she came walking in and begged you to.

    • That's true but I don't really make it obvious that I still want her. But you're right she probably knows that I would say yes to sex just because she's a hot girl. You think I should make a move or just move on?

    • I think you say to her. "Listen, I am still feeling attraction for you, and you're not happy with that boyfriend... so I am not going to be your hangout buddy any more. If you want to take this to another level, after you've broken up with your boyfriend give me a call and I'll ask you out. Otherwise, I think I need to move on"

    • I might try that