Should I play the role?

So im a really tall, pretty hard looking guy and it's easy for me to fit into that role the only issue is i'm a real softy. My question to the girls is, is this attractive/how do i handle this?


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  • when. the. girl. that. you. like. show's. up. show. her. that. side. of. you. don't. let. her. get. away. thinking. that. the. soft. side. of. you. doesn't. excist.

    • It's more that im quite soft on the outside like it's obvious that i'm a nice guy and everything but my looks don't portray that i look a lot different to my personality.

    • So are you saying that you come off as too soft or as a tough guy? And either way if your attractive and have he confidence girls will always find you attractive

    • I look tough but come off soft. But basically either way doesn't matter as long as im confident about it?

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