Talking/ flirting with me all the time, but started dating someone else?

when i (18) was at work, a new coworker came around (17), and after a week we just started flirting with each other, without it being really noticable for customers. every opportunity we had (breaks n such) we spend together, talking a whole lot.

then i finally gained courage to ask for her number, and she gave it to me. since then we really hit it off. we started talking a lot (also some personal things). and when she was at my house watching a movie, we just acted like we were a thing.

then after a while, she told me she started dating someone else.

right now we still talk a lot, and as far as i know, he doesn't talk with her that much. but still dating him

whats wrong with me, and why do girls always friendzone me...


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  • Maybe she thought it was best that she didn't date someone who she works with

  • She's trying to have her cake and eat it too- make her choose, it's not fair to you.


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