Anniversary presents?

What's a good one year anniversary gift for my boyfriend? I know stuff that he likes.. But what would be "anniversary ish"?


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  • honestly, don't got for something to "anniversary is" as you say. Of course they are typical things but in the end if you do according to what he likes, he will love it. That's what I did with my boyfriend and it couldn't have been better.


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  • i'm assuming your married and just call each other boyfreind and girlfriend, ah if not then can't really be called an aniversary, however as a gift i would go for the classic, his fav fragrance, dvd computer game etc, avoid anything romantic like underwear for you or anything sexual like hotel booking and dirty get aways its a bit tackey if your only bf and gf, biggest false par is to go for couple tattoos i know your probs not stupid but i have seen a lot of bf +gf couple do this and then break up a month doen the line

    • Yes, this! Another classic: cook him a nice meal. Dudes love to eat food they didn't cook.

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