Had a sort of break up, with my sort of boyfriend, do you think he still likes me?

Okay so this guy and I were sort of dating , but then he ended ti because we were too different, Irreconcilable differences, and that is true, but I did like him. And now I am wondering if he could just stop liking me. See I didn't officially met him until three weeks ago, but from what he told me he had been working up his nerve for 2 months, seems like he thought I was attractive but seemed kind of standoffish, then he switched classes and ended up sitting besides my sister where he told her, if she could introduce us. She did and we spent together the last three weeks together getting to know each other and he seemed to adore me , but then that we were too different.

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  • totally agree with vet31bSoldier what is a sort of breakup wth a sort of boyfriend, if that is how you describe it then you two could not of broke up because you were never an item to begin with, just leave it move on and forget it.


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  • WTF is a "sort of" breakup with a "sort of" boyfriend?

    I agree with @MoonMice... I *sort of* think he *sort of* has a possibility of *sort of* thinking he might *sort of* like you... sort of...

  • Maybe he still sort of likes you.

  • he must sort of like you


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