Should I aks my ex sort of boyfriend , to hang out tomorrow? ( we sort of broke up yesterday)?

By sort of boyfriend I mean that we were a couple just not officially, and then he decided that we were too different , that was Sunday ( he didn't let me know that day). So he just pulled a vanishing act and didn't talk to me Monday and Tuesday all day. Well Tuesday I was crying afterschool and he came over to comfort me but after that grew cold again. Wednesday he didn't talk to me all day until after school that he told me we needed to talk, so on thins talk he told me that we were just too different. And today he behaved like he used to ( all nice and smiles) but more guarded and not as touchy-feely. The thing is that before he broke up with me I had planned to invite him to come over as my guest for an event, and I don't know if should or not, would like to but don't want to be seen as clingy

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  • You have good instincts, you don't want to be clingy. Distance is good in this situation, maybe for a few weeks. At least until you feel like you can be around him and think of him as a friend instead of as an ex. If you can pull that off tomorrow, then go to that event.

    One thing to think about though, is that we all need people in our lives who are different from us. It challenges us, helps us grow, shores up our weaknesses, changes our perspective, and keeps life interesting and unpredictable. But you didn't say in what way you are different. You would both benefit a lot from knowing what kind of difference he thinks should keep you apart, even if you don't date him any more.

    But really, a sort of boyfriend is just a guy you've dated a bit right? You're going to go out with guys and then not go out with them again until you get married. What you just went through is normal and common and good, and you'll get used to it.

    • Thanks for the MHO! How are things going now? If you feel like sharing, I'd welcome a message.

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