How to be bad... without being bad?

Ok, MOST high school girls like bad boys. Don't deny it. They find them really exciting and they find the attitude sexy and all that. My question is, how can I be just as exciting and have just as much of that "bad boy" sexy attitude WITHOUT having a criminal record, getting tats or being a downright jerk?


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  • Actually that conception is wrong, It is seen as that because most POPULAR girls like bad boys and that's all anyone takes into consideration. there are just as many girls who love the good boys as there are girls who like bad boys. Don't try and change how you act or who you are essentially for a girl or for what you think MOST girls want. Do you want what the average girl wants, really? Or would you rather find that extraordinary girl that loves you for who you are and can see you for the real you and be comfortable with it? Be who you are and eventually the right person will fall into your life at the right time. If you aren't the bad boy type, you will find you don't like the girls that go for the bad boy type because you just aren't compatible in that way. Be you and be confident in who you are and girls will notice and be attracted to you, I promise. Also--- Girls find it harder to admit they like a good guy over a bad guy because they are intimidated, they would rather be rejected by a guy still figuring out what they want and who rejects plenty of other girls over a guy who has good standards and is a "good boy" because they know that's what they are truly looking for (most of us tbh)

    • Weeeeell, i can stay the way I am and only have a couple girls like me.. oooor I can change and have lots of girls like me.

    • If you change those girls won't like you though, they will like who they think you are. They will fall for a false image, and that isn't fair to either of you. What's so wrong with having just a few girls like you? Having a lot of people like you actually gets annoying after awhile, especially when you are in a relationship. You won't like the girls that like you for an image either. You might at first, but it will never last. You will actually be falling for the idea of someone liking you over the girl herself. Do as you please, no random person online is going to keep you from doing so, I'm just trying to give you a heads up about what you're getting yourself into if you do this.

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  • I had a 'bad boy' image in middle school. I got that way by telling all kinds of bullshit about all the sex parties I was going to with girls that weren't at the school and talking about doing all kinds of drugs. These were heavily exaggerated and had little to no truth in them, I was actually afraid of girls for the most part. All the girls were interested in me because of this image though. In grade 7 again I had a lot of girls interested in me, simply because I came to school with my pocketfuls of gum. I think all through grade school I got a lot of attention partly because I was so unattainable, since I was afraid to talk and engage in girls, yet I was really popular with all the guys.

    So in recap

    1.) do drugs and alcohol, or tell believable bullshit stories about them
    2.) ignore them for the most part, but project an image of confidence and assertiveness in other ways.
    3.) another method of doing this is having something material, even something small, that most people want

  • Tease them. Every girl that I ended up being in a relationship with, I got that by teasing them. You're being a little bit mean, but in the end she knows you're just joking around, that you actually didn't mean that.
    I don't know why this works, but it does.