How to get a gf tutorial?

i know it sounds dum but whatever


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  • Personally I think it's cute when a boy just comes up to me randomly and just makes me laugh and seems really kind or help me out, then after a simple convo get my number then become friends first hang out a bit and get closer then drop hints by flirting then take her out for small dates like out shopping, walk round park, coffee date, watch movies etc and then when your both ready go on a proper date like dinner or something. Advoid the friend zone and if she's not ready be her friend but flirt so you have a chance hope this helps?

    • it helped thanks ^^

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    • Trust me if she's the one you will feel comfortable with her it doesn't matter if she is out of your league, become her friend her, you will learn a lot about someone by being their friend. Maybe u will learn she isn't right for u? Just let things fall into place

    • And with the self esteem issues there are loads of pages on google on how to build that up. Fake it till u make it, and it's all about body language

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  • 1) meet girl
    2) talk to girl
    3) flirt with girl
    4) if girl flirts back: ask her out
    Else: find new girl and repeat steps


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  • 1.) Be likeable
    2.) find someone who likes you and you like
    3.) get to know each other
    4.) initiate relationship
    5.) profit

    • i wish it was that simple i am good looking, 6'4 feet tall, cute face , fit it's not about my looks i don't what is wrong with me i am frustrated man

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    • yeah bro thanks for caring and helping

    • i am the shyest person on earth

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