He asked if I wanna mac?

I'm 14 years old and never even had my first kiss yet and my crush admitted that he likes me back and he flirts with me all the time on snapchat but i think he does it with other pretty girls too. All of the sudden he asked if i wanna mac on snapchat and i didn't know what he meant.. like a mac computer or slang or something from mc donalds like i didn't know lol so i asked him what he meant and he said nvm. then i wanted to know what it meant so i looked it up and it gave the description and the verb said to kiss. i went back to snapchat and said that i knew what he meant now then he asked what do i mean so i went back to the site i was on and screenshoted the site and sent it to him and he said the verb was close so i assumed he meant makeout.


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  • he seem like a player.
    don't kiss him until you two are official


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  • And the resolution of the story was?


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  • Tell him you don't just want to make out with him. Tell him you want to actually be together then you can make out all you want

    • i agree i'm yet to have my first kiss and i have been dating my girl friend for a month and i'm planning on trying to kiss her this weekend at the movies dont just "mac" with anyone!