Can I still ask out this girl?

I've been talking to this girl that i like for the past 5 months and a week ago i finnaly got the courage to ask if she liked me back. The awnser was no, but i feel like she did like me. In the summer break we talked Every day for 7 hours. But she said she doesn't see me as a boyfriend. But can I still ask out this girl? Like on a date? So she could maybe start tot see me as a potential boyfriend? Or should i just leave it and move on?

- i slept at her place once and she slept at my place twice
- I'm 14 and she just turned 15
- She laughs at every word i say
don't know if this information really helps but any kind of awnswer would be amazing ^^


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  • Yes, just ask it doesn't kill to ask if she said no then she probably really serious about not liking you, and she's probably not ready for a BF since she's only 15, she mayb thinks y'all too young to start a relationship.

    • She has had 2 bf's before so don't think thats the case right?

    • Oooh. Well you should ask her out if she say no then move on to a next girl, probably she will realize she made a mistake saying no but if you really like this girl never give up just try being good friends and get to know her more.

  • I think you should ask her.

    • Should i just ask "Hey you wanna have Dinner or something?" or just as i used to ask it like "hey you wanna hang out?"

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