Can guys REALLY be into totally different women? Or could he be interested in something else?

I'm really curious about this guy because he's caught me a bit by surprise.

His ex was so different from me, funky dyed hair, shaved parts of her head, huge ear plugs, a bit heavyset. I'm very feminine, into fashion, just the exact opposite.
Now his new girlfriend is african, and she has quite prominent African features, certainly not a slender nose, this gorgeous tight tight curled long hair, sort of a high forehead, I mean the 3 of us girls could NOT be more different.

Are guys really like this, into such different women?

I know guys have a type, or you can kind of find similarities. I mean honestly, we could not be more different.

I ask because I stopped talking to him because I felt like something wasn't quite right... I got the impression he wanted a woman that took care of him. He never would tell me why he and his ex (who he remained friends with) broke up. He was so into me but seemed to want me to do the traveling as we didn't live close. I just got a weird feeling about him as a man and felt like he wasn't smart with money or his work ethic but was TRYING. I hate to say it but what good is this question if I don't- since she is just so different I kind of wonder if he is using her, like maybe she is mothering him? Do guys go beyond looks to get what they want out of a relationship?

This is just an idea I want to hear about, I'm just really surprised and I want to hear what others think. Of course, who cares if they're happy but please understand where I'm coming from, I just find it surprising is all. The 3 of us are so. so. so. different, and although I don't know her, her personality like with fashion is at least perhaps similar to mine.

I also wondered if I was only a time passer for him. Due to distance we kept it friendly but then he disappeared... guess we were never friends? I always wondered, now I know.


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  • Yep, totally. It isn't something we generally advertise because it creates cognitive dissonance in the heads of future partners if they find out. So yes, we can. But it really depends upon the guy--some are all about a single type, some aren't.

    It also depends upon the role you envision for a woman in your life. You might have one type of girl you are into for relationships, but another type for more... fantasy related reasons.

    • Thank you for your answer, I've been really curious about this! I admit I felt put off by who is ex was due to how different we are and just wondered.

  • Not every guy has a 'type'. And for those who do have a type, sometimes that 'type' isn't about looks (as long as she hits above a certain standard), but about other things.


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