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This is by far the craziest thing that happened thus far. So to make a long story short. I just found out that two guys that I'm talking to actually knows each other from a mutual friend they share. The sad part is I actually like the both of them. I need help on figuring what to do. I haven't had sex with either one, but definitely have attraction for both. I've started off as friends with the both of them. I refer to them as TD and SS, so TD and I been talking for little over 3years he lives two hours away from me, but through the course of us talking he recently had a baby. Which I was very heart broken over and upset but he said it wasn't planned, he was partying got drunk and it just happened. So that kinda strayed me away from him for a minute which lead me into talking to SS. Now SS is from the same city as I am and our attraction happened organically, first we were first then our conversations started to become more and more flirtatious towards one another. He never did anything to me or randomly slipped up and had a baby. But my only thing with him is, I feel like I'm not the only female he talks to. Granted, I know we're not together but still. Now the thing that bothers me the most between the both of them is their encounters with other females on social media, now they're not being over the top but liking and putting emojis is enough for me.

Side note TD is 25 and SS is 28. I'm 24... if that helps! Please tell me what I should do


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  • If I had to choose I'd go for SS. He doesn't have the same baggage as the other guy. But honestly this sounds like it can get messy. Dealing with two guys is one thing, but if they're friends, the whole thing can backfire on you and you'll end up with no one. Think about it, if they were to somehow start talking about u, or one sees u with the other, how would they respond? I don't know if either would take u serious knowing that you weren't talking to only them. Of course, that's worst case scenario. Play your cards right and this could end well.