How long will he wait for a second date?

We met Saturday night at a Halloween party, we exchanged numbers and that same night later he texted me and he stated talking to me. He asked me out right there and we went for coffee on Tuesday. We have been texting each other since Sunday, and after coffee I texted and I thanked him for the coffee and I said "I would love to do it again" and he responded "I would love that too". He has sent me good morning texts every day. How long would I have to wait until he asks me out on a second date?
I can see he is flirting with me by the texts he sends, and I like that, but I wanna go out again with him and I don't wanna look too desperate or needy.
I am 20 and never had a bf before so I need help because I don't know what I'm doing, he is 21.

  • Ask him out on Saturday night
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  • Wait until he asks me out
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  • You don't have to rush if you don't want to. Since you last went out Tuesday it would probably make sense to go out again sometime next week, but you can do Saturday if you want.

    Doesn't matter. Do what makes you happy. Seriously don't stress it

    • I would love to go out with him this weekend but do you think it would be rushing it? plus he takes forever to answer texts

    • no, that's fine too. You can ask him out if you want

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  • ask him don't be shy :P

    • If a girl asked you, would you say yes? because I don't know if he will feel weird

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