Did he lie to me about how he is?

This guy I got to know last year told me over and over his social anxiety issues and how he would always rather stay in.
I'm a homebody and always have been. He was out with friends like every night no matter what! And he would say he just would rather do that because of living at home.
But now he's dating this super outgoing girl. And his ex was super outgoing and he said it wasn't a good thing.

Did he just want to seem appealing to me? Did he lie? I must admit, I've done this myself. I realized I need to be more true to myself. I sometimes try to act more outgoing. I'm not, though. I was true with him about it but with a guy I was just talking to (in passing) I didn't admit to it..

Any ideas on this?


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  • Are you seriously 30-35? If so... wow...

    • Yeah nobody lives past 29?

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    • Huh?

    • Sigh, never mind. It's obvious where you're headed. I wish you luck.

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