A question on failed sex, girls, and relationships? (Not a long read!)?

This question is directed more towards non-virgin girls. Girls who like to have lots of sex. Please answer the polls too as a girl!

Would a girl get into a relationship if the first few times of having sex was not very good? If the guy couldn't get hard, would the average girl just give up and move on? Also, how many times of failed sex would a girl go through before moving on?

I'm NOT looking for answers saying how she should like you not only for sex. Though that may be true, most women would not get into a sexless relationship and i'm sure we can all agree on that as human beings.

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Anyone feel like answering? :)


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  • I would give him a chance just because some guys get really nervous the first few times. And he could still eat me out and fool around. I'm sure one day eventually he would fuck the shit out of me.


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  • Well, I mean... I wouldn't be having sex with him if we weren't even in a relationship to begin with..

  • Why you dressing up like Wally?

    No sorry, i have pretty high standards...

    • Halloween costume.
      So then if you were dating a guy who seemed interesting but then you had sex and it sucked. Would u have sex again with him? How many times would u try with him before peacing?

    • No he needs to do his own research. He's got a brain so use it...:P

  • you know those first 2 lines? that ain't me cobra :3 sowwy

  • I would give him a chance if he was a really good guy but it would be really awkard afterwards cause then I would probably feel insecure or maybe start thinking that he is... you know...

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    • oh okay. Well thanks for answering!

    • No problem :)

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