What should I do next? (Please read the details, and I do apologize for their length)

I've liked this one girl all through middle school. In sixth grade, I asked her out a few times over the course of the year, but was unable to make it physical due to a lack of confidence. As such, we drifted apart, and I became really awkward through seventh grade. Now it's eighth and I'm starting to come out of my shell again. We've gone out a couple times as friends, but I'm pretty sure she's ready for more than that. The issue is I still think I lack that confidence, and despite holding her hand last time, I know I still don't have it in me yet. On top of it all, other guys are flirting (or trying to) with her. They are all more experienced/extroverted than I am, and I don't want to lose her to one of them. How can I stay ahead of them and make that last push to make it official? Or, should I just go for the friendship and sit back and watch it all play out?


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  • Just realize she wouldn't pay u any mind if she wasn't interested. Especially at yalls age. Middle school is like the cruelest time ever. She likes u or she wouldn't go out with u.
    Kissing is easy. Just fallow her lead! I still get nervous and self conscious and I've made out with quite a few guys. The first kiss is always nerv racking but u just got to do it.
    I always fallow there lead and if they suck or do the same shit everytime I have fun experiment and they fallow my lead.
    Dont be nervous good luck


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