I love him so much it's not even funny!?

PLEASE read: I have a crush on him for about 8 months now. Finally we're seeing each other for about 5 months now. We've done everything but sex. I had a friend to ask him if we're friends with benefits and he said no we're not we're "seeing" each other. I really love him it's not even funny. He's only seeing me at the moment. What do I do now? Trust me asking him to be my bf is not a good idea. This guy is afraid of commitment and had horrible past experiences. ADVICE PLEASE!!


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  • i would say as a man who's also currently not able to commit that you have to keep doing what your doing. There is nothing that would make me happier than if a girl always cared about me and showed it. Most guys who are like this really believe that a women really doesn't care about them. If you keep at it I am sure you will win him over.


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  • Let things go the same way , win him more day and night , know him more especially past , just little by little do not try to dig in one day, once you know his past you will know why he is afraid of commitment , then you can cure him and he will say ,'she is my gf'.

  • i know you don't want to hear this, but get out why you can. i've known a lot of guys like this, and even if he want's you now, when he has you, he'll drop you. guy's like that…. it takes a lot for them to change and actually care about someone. if you really like him, and want to be with him, i recommend not being so available, not rushing into anything, make him chase you. it will make him appreciate you more, but it's still no guaranty he'll commit. the more he appreciates you, though, (and i mean truthfully, not just him saying so) the less likely i think he'll want to leave and the more likely i think he'll commit to you. it takes time, though.


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