Do I or dont I? Or just wait?

Cut long story short we live 2 hours away from each other we have been seeing each other for a year and because I live with parents when he comes to visit I pay for somewhere to stay because it costs him in fuel driving here so it's like a 50/50 thing. He said he won't be able to make it next month as his works have cut his wages so he's struggling and I can't see him in December so this means next year :( , should I help with fuel cost? Or does that seem desperate? Bit stuck here :/


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  • If you been sseeing each other for a year why can't he just pick you up and bring you to his place to spend the night clearly if you been with him for a year and paid for places to stay at you shouldn't mind staying at his place?

    Also there's nothing wrong with helping the guy, my girlfriend when we first started dating we were 50/50 than I had problems with work and she helped me by buying me food sometimes or the movie tickets etc I didn't feel less manly or anything because I didn't ask for it she just did it and I knew she just understood I was having some troubles and that it happens sometimes and nowadays it's her having troubles and me helping her so normally in a relationship you end up having to do it for each other sometime in it.

    • Yeah but £40 fuel cost? I don't mind helping I'm very generous !!

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    • he always does the 2 hour drive to see me so I'll help him , thank you for the advice :)

    • yeah no problem and think about it at least you both can see each other and enjoy time together and in a relationship that is what really matters and not money.

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