I joked about it sounding like a date and he didn't respond to it?

We work together and we've hung out at coffee shops as friends but this time he said he wanted to take me to this place for dinner and then dessert after. I joked about it sounding like a date (to see his reaction) but he didn't respond to it. When he picked me up he was dressed up more than usual and he wouldn't let me pay at all which was a first since we usually split. When we went for dessert he kept moving his chair super close to me. There wasn't any intimacy other than the one time he put his arm around me to cheer me up. Is he just really friendly? Why would he not tell me if he wanted it to be a date or not? Also, do guys treat a girl they only see as a friend to dinner and dessert or just when it's a date/with someone they like?

  • He likes you but too afraid to be direct about it
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  • It wasn't a date, he's just being a nice friend
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Could really use sone guy opinions here :p


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  • Anything's possible but this screams date to me. He might have actually been taken aback and left speechless by your joke as if you felt this wasn't actually a date.

    • Haha maybe. But I would assume he would have at least responded with a "how about we make it a date" or "no just a hang out" even if he joked back with a remark like "u wish" would have been better than nothing. :p

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    • haha and I'd bet a paycheck he wishes exactly the same. Good luck and don't be shy to drop more obvious hints at him if you want. Some guys are just really dense, or shy. ; )

    • Haha thanks. I'll try to drop more obvious hints to him then :)

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  • If I was on the 'date' you would be complaining to G@G about dating an octopus. He is too respectful, he is either a queer or a religious fanatic.

    He sounds like a queer that is trying to date a girl to fight his homosexual nature. You spoon fed it to him, he did nothing. If not queer or religious nut, then he is a doofus or has balls the size of green peas.

    If you want to date him ask him. Just come out and tell him what you want. Don't run your love life by polls. No one is a mind reader.

    Good luck!

  • You might have made him a bit nervous with the "is this a date?" remark. it definitely seems as though he like you. best of luck!

    • I basically said it almost sounded like a date but u might be right I may have made him nervous or maybe even awkward in that moment I don't know haha. We had lots of fun though.

    • That sounds great! i hope it works out. He sounds like a good guy, just give him time to relax a bit.

    • Thanks :)

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  • He's testing out the waters before he ruins a great relationship.