First date all good signs but no reply?

First date with a guy I met online. He seemed to be a very decent guy, smart and well educated.

We first had a drink and he moved to dinner. He paid for both although I indicated we could split the dinner bill. The date lasted for about 4 hours.

We then separated on our way back home. He mentioned we could come out again during this weekend. I said ok.

After I went back home and texted him first to say thanks for the dinner and I enjoyed it.

But he didn't text me back at all.

What's going on there?


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  • What's the time frame here? Did the weekend come and go and he still hasn't called? Or is this the morning after.

    You could expect a reply to your thank you text. It wouldn't be strange if he replied with a you're welcome. But it also wouldn't be strange for him to give you the last word, let you say thanks and think nothing more needs to be said. It would be likely that he hasn't gotten your text yet - you probably don't know much about his phone habits. So you could refrain from expecting a reply to your thank you text and have less to worry about. Put your mind on that second date, he expressed an interest in that.

    • How have things worked out? If you feel like sharing, go ahead and message me.

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  • maybe he went to sleep? or got busy? or met up with someone else? or is trying to play it cool? there are many reasons that can be compiled based off your description.


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  • if you haven't heard back from him in 2 days, then he wasn't that interested hun. I know it can seem like everything is goin fine and you just don't understand it at all. Trust me I been there but he was interested but not enough to continue on although he said that. he could have meant that at the time but then thought about it and decided he wasn't that truly interested like he thought for whatever reason. He could be dating another women he is more into, maybe got back to his ex or maybe you did something at the very end that turned him off. who knows

  • Tell me about the signs, did he smile during the date, look in your eyes a lot, seemed happy to be with you?
    Maybe he's busy, maybe he didn't have his phone or... he doesn't really like you.
    But the last option would be weird considering all he did during the date.

    What do you think?

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