Guys, how do you friendzone a girl you have been dating casually?

You have been friends for years and always fancied each other but have never been single until now. So you get into it.

She then publicises your 6 week relationship all over social media whilst you have kept quiet about it. He makes no public claim to it at all.

You've told her that you're not sure if you can commit to anything quite so serious whilst she has mentioned being married to you this time next year.

You wanna stay her friend but you need to friendzone her.

Do you think her behaviour is OTT? How would you go about friendzoning her?


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  • dating casually? I just say I don't want to date anymore hahaa. its just casual dating so that was easy.

    • Haha ! That is what I said to him. He is scared of hurting her because she's a bit vulnerable at the moment. However, it appears that she has really fallen for him and it's making him real nervous about pulling away. I told him to just cool it off now rather than waiting. He's acting like a pussy tbh.

    • meh he is totally being a pussy. I mean its nice to take a girls feelings into consideration, but he has yet to realize he could be making matters worse.

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