This guy teases me constantly via text messages but doesn't ask me out on a second date why?

I've heard when a guy teases you it means he kinda likes you? I dunno.

We had a first date which was good but he finds it hard to compliment me but easy to tease me (my height atm) why do guys do this?

Anyway we left our first date and instead of texting me to say he had a great time he just carried on our conversation from where we left off. I can't tell if this guy is into me or just odd?

What do I do? I want to know how he actually feels about me, ideas?


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  • simply ignore him if he annoys you

    • But I do like him, I just don't understand how he feels about me behind all the jokes, you see? It's like he's too afraid to be sincere so he teases and it is draining.

  • Maybe he thought the date didn't go well for you and wants to build back up before asking you out again

    • How do you mean for me?

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    • Lol not at all. The "Stupid rules of texting" are exactly as the name describes. Don't wait 30 mins to text a guy back. If you've both got chemistry you'll keep talking and it will develop. Also, sometimes guys are a bit shy in conversation, so we might avoid talking about dating or sex. If your intention is either, don't be afraid to subtly drop those in the conversation because showing your open about it will allow him to be open too.

    • Thanks that has helped.

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