I just got this girl's number, and wow... She just gave me her number off face book...Should I text her?

I got this chicks number and hold crud she's a looked...She left her number...But she doesn't have mine should I text her or wait?


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  • Umm...well she doesn't have yours, so if you wait, you'll be waiting a long time...

    Call her! (It is a regular number and not one of those numbers where you get charged by the minute, right?)

    • Shes not a call girl.lol

      but she is really nice so I was thinking if I call or text her I'll be like all sudden, I just wanna play it cool you know. ;)

What Guys Said 1

  • I would call her, if you wait she might find someone else. What I would do is give your number to her and then say your going to call. When you call she will know who is calling her. I once called a girl who bascially made it clear that she wasn't happy that she didn't get my number when she gave me her's.