Why is it that if a guy has money a girl only likes him for that reason?

I am in a very serious relationship with a man. He is currently unemployed as he is finishing his law degree. I have my degree and have been working at an entry position in a career in my field. My chosen career is very enjoyable and challenging but it does not pay very well. $30,000/year.

He and I are engaged and are planning a 2017 wedding after he graduates and we're able to put a little bit of a nest egg away.

As it stands, we live together and I am providing for us. It's not a glamorous life, but we make it work in our 1 bedroom apartment. There's not much left at the end of the month but I'm putting what's left away for retirement/a rainy day fund.

He and I have known each other since we were 8 and have been together since we were 16. LONG before we knew what the other was going to do for a living.

When people find out about our relationship and our career choices they automatically assume I'm a gold digger even though we've been living together for over a year and I've been providing for us, putting food on the table, and paying all our bills. They don't consider how long we've been together either.

Yeah, he's going to supposedly make more money than me one day (assuming he's successful) but as for right now it's all on me.

Why do people assume a girl is automatically a gold digger when her guy happens, or has potential to, make a good living?

Do you guys think I'm a gold digger? :(


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  • Well you are not. This sounds like a very healthy relationship! you are supporting your man so one day he will reciprocate. Thats a beautiful thing. Don't listen to anyone else, their opinions are unjustified. Best of luck with your marriage you sound like an amazing woman and he is lucky to have you.


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  • Money is power, women are attracted to power, which means security, safety and stability.
    and what you are doing is investing... a gold digger goes for someone who already HAS money. so you aren't a gold digger. matter of fact, these kind of relationships tend to have some of the highest rates of success.
    just out of curiosity, what is your man's field?

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    • All seems fine if you ask me.

  • Absolutely not most women whom are considered gold diggers are the types that look for potential candidates that are already successful and have good incomes. Like 200,000 plus a year incomes. They don't want to be there for the ride, they want instant satisfaction. The reason why there called gold digger is because there the types that put the effort to search for the candidate with money and when they find what there looking for try and make him fall for her. So essentially its women hunting for men. If your a decent looking guy who has a great income and can at least pretend your friendly. All you have to do is hang out at places where other guys make great money and i will guaranty that you will score a hot chick. You don't even have to do anything they will find you. but be warned and i don't even have to warn these guys they know the deal already these broads are looking for you because you have money. Its a game really most of the time it winds up where these girls who think their going to be with these guys and all there problems are solved are dead wrong. most likely he already knows your a gold digger and he's going to use you and dump you. And rightfully so, i know i would.

    • So what i am trying to say in a nutshell is no I don't think your a gold digger. You are the prime example of next to every powerful and successful man lies a equally loyal and supporting women, if I say so.

  • NO, your a loving and considerate gal and he is very lucky to have you!


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