Does he like me just as a friend or is there more?

Hello, well a guy in my class doesn't like a lot of girls in our class he just acts like he likes them they always try to get his attention and hug him i think that's why he doesn't like them but he always tells me how much he likes me, i don't know why and what he likes about me but i'm not sure if he just sees me as a friend he always wants me to sit next to him in class and he is always trying to hug me he calls my name in class for no reason and messages me every single day, i never show interest (although i really like him) an try to Keep distance but the whole class says we would be a perfect couple and should be together, i don't get it he rejects the prettiest girls and sticks to me, so what do you think does he just see me as a friend or is there more?

  • he just sees you as a friend
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  • Goddamn, please use sentences next time, I can barely read through that. No other way to find out other than asking him out I suppose. That will make it clear once and for all.


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