Please help!! How do you know if a guy likes you if he's shy or awkward?

So my friends think my crush likes me but he's always like really awkward and whenever we talk it's always like wtf...
He talks more comfortably with my friends though! Does this meen anything good or bad? Please answer! I would be so grateful :)

Ps. One of his best friends is my best guy friend... Does that change anything?


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  • From personal experience I've been in a few situation where I was so nervous about trying to impress a girl I liked (wanting to make sure I say all the right things) that it caused awkwardness. .
    Also it would be easier talking to the friends since that's more relaxed and less pressure to be "perfect"

    Hope this helps at all

    • Thanks :)

    • No problem.. if possible get him in a surrounding where he can be relaxed and give that a go. Maybe away from the friends, alone.. Communication is the key to solving this mystery

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