Life after separation. .. starting dating?

Kinda hoping to hear from those of both experience and genuine suggestions.
I am expecting to separate from my wife soon and really wanted guidance/ideas on going forward with my life.
There is a woman I am keen to date but nothing has happened or will/would happen until I have left the marital home.
But... how do I go about pursuing a relationship with this woman (who has children) when separated.
I am a shy type and it has been a long time since dating took place...
Any suggestions to help me on my way forward would be appreciated.


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  • I really wouldn't worry about it until you have actually seperated from your wife. And then even after that if would give yourself time to be single and process everything. I just went through a separation about 5 months ago and although I did jump into a bit of a relationship right away, after it I realized I wasn't ready. My advice would be to take the time to yourself for awhile

    • If you dont mind me asking was it a 'dead' relationship or out the blue?
      Mine has been dead for a long time. No passionate kissing.. no sex.. just together and that is it.

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  • How do you go about pursuing a relationship with this woman who has children.


    Firstly look at her situation practically, do you think she'd be keen in dating you/anyone at the moment?

    If you think so there's just the thing that you're the shy type.

    There are complete guides on that but in a nutshell I'd say, go nice and slow at your own speed so maybe texting first, just follow your feelings with that as it led you on this site as well!

    P. S. Just disregard my age etc, maturity isn't age/username bound.