What does it mean when a guy is staring at you?

Well he is staring at me and I just look at him. He flipped his hair to the side. His hair is long I find it attractive. I am stuck in seating next to this guy. Who I don't like and tell him to scoot over. Its annoying how he keeps trying to scoot next to me. Then just stare at my breast. We don't talk I really don't know his name. Also I don't want the guy i like to think I am dating him. He is new and quite. Another thing that happen was I was walking and talk to my friend. I didn't know he was right behind me. He pass by my friend and look mad. He speeding ahead moving pass people. I want to leave my friend and say hello. He went by to fast. I told my friend he was cute hoping he would hear me. I don't know if he did. I got on the bus and he gave me a confused werid look. I just sat down awkwardly and felt him staring at me. ihope he doesn't think am a creep or werid. I feel stuck because the guy won't sit with his friend. I don't really like him. Ugh I feel stuck. I want to talk to him and get to know him.


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  • I think that guy is attracted to you but he doesn't know the correct words to say.


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