Guy acting weird after I told him I like him? "If you knew me you'd go running"?

So there's this guy, who I heard liked me. It was from a mutual friend who has no reason to lie. He's sort of a shy guy, so I thought that I would tell him that I like him, and then go from there.

Yesterday I saw him after class and I told him. He was sort of shocked and then he said:
"I don't know if that's a good idea. I mean, we have a lot in common and you're obviously very beautiful. But, there's so much you don't know about me and I just feel like, if you did you'd go running."
Then he just said goodbye and left. I know you're probably thinking that he just doesn't like me, but he does, it's complicated to explain but I know he does. My question is, should I still pursue him or heed his warning? Is it just insecurity? I don't want to sound arrogant or anything but I am A bit more attractive than he is, could that be what's making him insecure? I've known him for 2 years and I've only seen him go on one date.

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  • I'd make an initiative with him at least one more time. It sounds to me like the guy have some minor self-confidence issues, so if you remind him that you do ACTUALLY like him, you'll give him that necessary boost so that he feels he deserves to be with a girl like you. If he's still a bit shy about admitting he wants to be with you, you could even give him another friendly reminder.

    HOWEVER, if you've given him a total of 3 reminders that you do in fact like him, and he doesn't change his mindset, you've gotta move on. He either:

    1. Actually doesn't like you, and is just saying what he is as a cover up from being brutally honest with you.

    2. Has some serious self-esteem issues, and you shouldn't have to constantly remind him that he's a good guy. Guys have to man up and stand up for themselves at some point... I mean c'mon


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  • grab his hand and drag him to a corner


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  • I think that if you really like him, you should try to talk to him one more time, you gave up too quickly. (just my opinion)

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