I think I'm too weird to be liked. Girls, what do you think of me?

I think I'm kinda weird especially compared to other guys around me. I don't understand how I would ever find girls would ever find me attractive. I am attached, but it confuses me more than anything, and I worry that I might lose her because of how bad I am.

I look babyish, but because of severe pimple outbreak in my teens, I don't look babyish too. I'm also not tall like other guys, but more of the endomorph build, shorter and stouter. (www.muscleandstrength.com/.../...h-endomorph.html) I have a perpetual bad hair day. The average guy looks way more mature and more dashing than me.

I'm also quite shy, naive, unworldly and simple. I'm not street-smart. Because I dislike conflict, I often get walked over. Despite what I try to do, I feel like a follower. My girl is the one leading the way most of the time. Whenever I get too shy interacting with people, she'll just step up and take over without a word. I feel weak, thinking that I need handholding for social situations (figuratively speaking).

I just kinda feel terrible about myself. That I'm not acting, looking, or behaving my age. I can't seem to do things myself. On all dates with my girl, I feel like I'm a 15 year old guy going on a first date with his (also babyish looking) 15 year old girlfriend. And being led along by the girl, because I'm just too incompetent.

I don't know how any girl can find me attractive. It's depressing..


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  • Cheer up. :) I personally dont see anything wrong.

    • Really? Wow okay, that's the first nice thing I've heard in a while.. Thanks.

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