Advice on how to go about finding a girlfriend?

Hopefully I don't come across as a "nice guy" that's really just a bitter prick...

I've never been in a relationship, I'm nearly 21 and wondering what I should be doing about it - if I don't try something else I can't see the situation changing. So I'm just after any advice on what to do.

Anyone else feel like answering?
Any girls care to comment?


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  • Meet a girl, like her, ask her out. You can guess the rest.

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    • Does that help? Anything else you want to know?

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  • Build cofidence.

    How do you do that? I'm a gym rat so I advocate frequent visits.

    Everything else seems to stem from it (confidence) like charm, sex appeal, etc.

    It's a fundamental that shouldn't be ignored.

    If you're not too fond of the health club then find something else you're passionate about and follow through with that.