Good winter weather, cheap, date options?

Over the summer there were just more things we could do for fun for free and now that its gotten colder out we spend most of our time in my basement watching movies and cuddling but that gets way to repetitive. What are some fun, but cheap, date ideas for cold weather?
*we are both under 21
*my boyfriend refuses to go to any sort of museum or art exhibit

As strange as it may seem I am allergic to the cold, and I am talking below freezing temperatures, so unless I want to be covered in unattractive, itchy hives it needs to be a relatively 'warm' idea


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  • Go skating? Normally there's a free skate or really cheap price to skate at most skating rinks throughout the winter and it's a winter activity so :) If you don't know how to skate wear boats it can be really fun still.

    You could try indoor swimming just got to find a indoor pool or some type of facility with a indoor pool normally gyms or some type of sports places have a indoor pool and have open swim times.

    Can go sledding if you have a lot of snow where you live lol

    • Skating is a good idea!

    • Were both lifeguards so we get enough of pools on a daily basis, lol
      Sledding is on the agenda for when it does snow!

    • ahh I use to be a lifeguard so kinda feel the same way lol but yeah I can't wait for the snow to drop by January and head sledding

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  • Plan trips to visit family and distant friends. Spend some time on the planning phase and really work things out. Get (or better, make) presents for the people you visit.

    Find a book you both need or want to read and read it together, talking about it as you go. I bet some of your favorite shows are based on books, for instance.

    Visit every church in your area. Even if you have locked-in beliefs, you will get a LOT out of talking with each other about what you liked or disliked about it.

    Pretend to be people you are not and do what they would do. Maybe tomorrow he's an investment banker and you're a dim-witted trophy wife, looking for a high-end loft. Maybe the next day he's a slacker and you're a young-looking older sugar momma who's trying to get him to dress better before you're willing to introduce him to your friends. Play.

  • Have you tried the bowling alley or Pool tables? It depends what you have in your town.

  • Just walk through a park lol.

    • We actually do this quite often but when it gets down to 20-30 degrees (Fahrenheit) that's not really an option anymore, especially since I happen to be allergic to the cold, yes that is a real thing, and will break out in hives.

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    • Smack him, tell him to man up, and take your ass to the mall!

    • See but when that ends badly in blaming you

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  • Ice skating. It's fun and romantic, and you won't be cold since you move quite a lot. There are cool "museums" as well. In Berlin there is a chocolate museum where you can make your own chocolate, which is super cool. Maybe there is something like that in your town as well ^-^

  • Try making a bonfire outside your house and have some hot chocolate drink. I suck at this lol sry

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