I'm in love with somebody that has no kids but wants kids but I can't give him any because my tubes are tied what should I do?

We've been messing around for 2yrs

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  • If you have 3 already that's enough. Maybe he will be happy with them and not want to have a total of 4 or 5. Talk to him and explain you've had enough already. If he is happy with you he will accept that.


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  • why did you tie your tubes?

  • Think of adoption
    Talk to him about it
    If he realy loves u he will sacrifice his wanting of kids and agree for adoption if not leave him


What Girls Said 3

  • Agree with zombie babe. Stay with him. And did you say you can't have baby? If yes, suggest the idea of adoption. There are lots of kids who don't have parents and need good family. Blood connection is important but heart connection is the best that we all need.

  • Stick with him, either adopt through an agency or the Foster Parenting system. My Mom's boss and wife just adopted like their second or third Foster Child. Nice people, rewarding knowing you are taking a child from an ugly home life to one where they can and will be loved.

    • He wants his own the regular way

    • Guess there's an Un-Tubal I'm your future then. Heard of others who have done it.

  • stay with him.. and adopt a kid

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