What does it mean when a guy says see where it goes after 5 months of on and off dating?

so i have been dating this guy for the past 5 months, Its been on and off because he has been "so busy" with work. But when i do see him, he makes me laugh, feel special and i really enjoy his company. The last two months i have been asking him to catch up more, maybe even take it the next step. But then he said he's to busy with work for a relationship at the moment, and asked me to wait a couple of months. Now those couple of months have passed and he said things have gotten quieter at work. He said he wants to see me more, but he still won't really answer any of the questions i have asked. He said he wants to be with me and then when i asked what are we doing? He said seeing where it goes, then he starts trying to dirty talk with me. saying don't make me think about you in the shower. I'm kinda confused!, He said wait a couple of months and we'll talk about a relationship and now he's just saying see how it goes? Are these just excuses? Then i have tried saying i feel like this is going no where, so i'm going to find what i'm looking for somewhere else. He reply's don't be like that!. I don't know how to feel, All i know is i really like this guy!, oh and i have tried the whole distancing myself from him i just get messages saying y have i not heard from you in a while? What does all this mean its so confusing he wants me but is to busy for me? please someone explain!

ok so i know he's not after sex coz i went to his on Tuesday n i initiated it n he pushed me off n sed no to me n that all he wants to do is cuddle n kiss me n spend time with me n talk soooo... im confused majorly confused!!!


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  • is a player, watch out.

    • playing me for what though we havn't slept together he's just taken me out for dinner movies drinks a drive we have hooked up but then he stops me n says no

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  • If he waned you he'd you for a serious relationship he'd MAKE time for you, it sounds like he's playing with you for his own gratification, he's also probably got other girls on the go. When i met my current girlfriend I had so much work i was sleeping 3-4 hours a night in some cases down to 2 hours, but i still met up with her even when she was working night shifts


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  • He doesn't want a girlfriend I just went through the samething trust the only difference is that I actually saw the scratch marks on his back... And I know For a fact that I didn't do them... If I guy likes you likes you he will make you feel wanted and will try his best to make you his but if he just wants a friends with benefits he will just keep you around stringing you along but never actually making commitment we date for a reason and if in these five months he hasn't gotten to know you well enough so that he knows if he likes you then it sucks for him because there will be a guy that's going to see how amazing you are and is not even going to try and question it

    • I agree, if a guy likes a woman she becomes priority.