Approach a shy and introvert guy (without scaring him)?

I have a crush on a shy guy. A friend of mine described him to be REALLY introvert and shy. We never spoke, and unfortunately she can't introduce us (not in touch anymore).

I think he is interested in me. You know, he does stuff shy people do. Stolen glances, quickly looks away. Looks at me when he thinks I can't see him. Intense and long stare from afar or when he is about to live the room. Recently he can hold my gaze longer... until I get shy and look down (does this help or hurt?). And I believe he "gravitates toward me", to put it short.

I am very shy and introvert myself. But I really want to know him. So I get it will be up to me.
My question is for introvert guys, or girls that know them: how to approach him?
I know it can't be when he is with his friends. So, when he is alone. Do I have to wait to have him near me and ask an easy question (like, "Did you get what the teacher said?" in class) or can I actually go and introduce myself (like, "I see you here and there"/"You are from my hometown") and start off a conversation?
Basically, I'm worried I would scare him off.

ps. English is not my mother toungue, so bare with my mistakes, please. :)


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  • To enter his world talk about something he likes.


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  • Ask him where you might know him from. Being an introvert myself, this usually gets my attention for some reason.

    As him about his likes.

  • talk to him, is all it takes, then wait for the magic.


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