Why girls only see me as friendship material?

So many girl I talk to and have been interested I have asked out and she typically responds let's be friends. And also girls could be talking to me and tell me how much they like these other guys I ain't trying to hear that. So give me reasons why this happens


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  • Well friendship does start with interest, and since the girls already told you about their crush, it's a sign that they are extremely comfortable around you, and only see you as a girl friend. That's the different between a friend material and a boyfriend one. There could be a lot of reasons :
    _ Girls, like anyone else, love mysteries. Maybe you're too friendly and open and give them so much comformity so they take you for granted ( I have 2 different kind of male friends, the more I'm comfortable around a guy, the more I take him as just a platonic friend, and maybe girl-friend)
    _ They think you're a gay ( sorry to say so but it could be possible )
    _ They know you like them, but they love being chased.
    _ You don't meet the right one who values you yet
    No matter what reason is, from what I have learnt from my friends, if you're too friendly towards girls, they will only see you as their platonic buddy. Mystery is important.


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  • Either the wrong girls, or your letting yourself look this way. It can be hard to look like more than friendship material but don't make a girl feel pressured around you. She might not be sure if she's into yet.


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  • it could be anything, maybe she's spoken for, it could be the place, the time... you.
    i'd say you should work on your approach, words and body language while you are talking to them. i don't know your way, but you made it sound like you talk to them then ask em out. that makes girls feel pressured when asked out too quickly so they relieve it by friend-zoning you.
    exactly what time frame do you let pass before asking them out and How do you ask them out

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