Why isn't he calling?

If a girl gave the guy who likes her a letter telling him how she feels about him with her number at the bottom, why wouldn't he call? It's been a couple weeks..And I'm positive he likes me because of the way he acts and his friend told me.


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  • He's just not that into you - would be the easiest answer.

    However maybe he's just too shy and doesn't know what to talk about to you on phone... Did you date already? If not it might be a wise decision to try it out ;) That way you'll talk about random stuff and so it will become easier for the two of you to find topics to talk about by phone...

    How often and in what way do you contact each other? This plays an important factor to your belonged answer, too. If you're just talking like every few weeks online by texting but then for quite some time then jumping straight to calling is a huge step up and he might be intimidated by the thought of it ;)

    But I'd need way more input to give a better answer.

    • Well we haven't dated. We have just been flirting non stop for the past two years. As for how often we talk, he walks me to class sometimes if his friends aren't taking him away. but I woud say we talk maybe twice a week in person. And when we do talk he's always blushing and stuttering. We don't really talk through txt or phone calls. anything else you need to know?

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    • Oh ok. thank a lot! =]

    • What do you talk about when he walks you to class. if you go out with him ask him what his interests are, what he does on the weekends, family and stuff like that.

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  • A letter is hard to come back on really, you should tell him face to face, this isn't schoolkids passing notes around anymore, he needs you to show maturity and be brave by admitting how you feel in person.

    Trust me, talk to him in person.

    • I did tell him in person. I also gave him the letter to eleborate. And it was a pretty strong letter I must say. It wasn't like "Hey I like you." It was definitely really deep.

    • Then it sounds like he may just be having some issues with confidence, ask him how he is, see how he reacts with general hellos and how are you's then just ask if he had thought about what you had said in the letter and if there's anything he wants you to reiterate or explain better because he may not understand a part of it and doesn't want to make assumptions.

      He may just be shy and not really know how to approach you about it.

      You need to be the one who approaches him in person.

    • Oh okay! thanks a lot =]

  • He is probably more than likely nervous and shy. He is probably overthinking and seeing everything from every possible angle.


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