Is my boyfriend messing me about?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 months now. He has a busy lifestyle, he is a lawyer so he works long hours and on weekends he gets involved in a lot of charity work. We agreed on the days we would see eachother and that is twice a week. It takes us an hour to travel to the other as we live about an hour away from each other- we both drive. We have never been out to dinner, I have suggested it and the one time that we were meant to go out to dinner he cancelled and said it is because the restaurant isn't that nice anymore. Since then we have been to two fast food places and we just sit to chat for ages. We have never walked around together in public before. He talks to me about eventually marrying me and meeting eachothers families.. and getting engaged in around a year's time. At the beginning he used to phone me so much and text a lot more than he does now. 2 months into the relationship I got a new phone and I texted him saying hi its me and he said who.. I said your not single are u and he said yes I am. When he found out it was me he said to me that his friend had his phone and it was him who was texting me. He was also recently seen on tinder and he said it was because he had to back up everything onto his icloud on his iphone and it restored an old app and that he had to log into it to delete it (my friend saw him on there). I didn't talk to him for a while because of this and so he phoned my work to try and speak to me and asked if he could meet me for lunch one day on my break and I said no. We both come from a muslim background however are not so religious and he talks about sleeping together sometimes and says he's crazy about me. He also says how he likes me a lot and that he misses me. He hasn't spoken as much this week and phoned last night saying thank you for being understanding and asked if my family would allow me to marry him? Im very confused of this whole thing because I feel like he isn't trying to get to know me?

Thanks for your messages guys. He said to me when we first started dating that 3 and a half years ago he was with his ex gf and has not been on a date since. He basically lived with her and she apparently cheated on him and ran off with another guy. He said he needed counselling after that.. I don't know if its because he has trust issues?


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  • Just beware, sounds like a lot of red flags. He doesn't go out in public with you. As you said he doesn't try to get to know you and talks about marriage? That's extremely strange. Also between the text message and the tinder account I would not trust him. I could be wrong but it sounds like he's playing you. Saying he's single and then on a dating app. I think that's enough proof. Don't get too invested.


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  • He sounds like he's playing a game of "who would put up with my bullshit" in 3 months you've had a relationship that would equate to a year and a half, and you hardly see eachother. All those doubts that you have are your six sense telling you that there is something off. Listen and then run the fuck away from this dude.


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  • he's messing with you sweetie. he sounds unfaithful and like a huge liar. when you texted him and asked him if he was single and he said yes, that should have been your biggest indicator. he lied. and he's probably cheating, i won't even lie. im sorry if what im saying hurts, and i might be wrong, but i think you need to let him go. he sounds like he's messing with you. i know you live far away from him and all and that obviously doesn't help, but he's clearly hiding something and you dont deserve to get hurt like this.

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