Is this guy after my money? Why did he do this? I need your help.!?

I have met this guy recently. we seem to get along well until this happened. He said h might need me to lend him money. I just left him and went away speechless.

A guy who I have just met asking money directly or indirectly is a big no no in my opinion and experience.

He was calling me and apologized saying he was joking.

I don't think he was joking. He said he was testing me, LOL!

He wants to be with me but this incident blew it all for me , though I like him.

What do you think guys?

Is he just a professional liar, or is it OK to joke about this?


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  • Of course it's not okay. It's weird and he sounds like a complete scrub.

    You don't ask someone you don't know all that well to lend you money. And you clearly aren't comfortable with this so I think you just need to trust your inner voice here because it's right on the money...

    There's so many other things wrong with this too. Why would he ask you of all people for money? Does he not have good enough friends he would go to first? Does he not have family? It's completely inappropriate.

    • He has a lot of friends and family.

      He was saying he might need a small amount like 100 dollars and he gives it back to me.

      I don t know if he was joking or not.

      He apologized and said he is joking and why should he ask me for money.

      He says he wants to be with me.

      I don't know what to do.

    • If he needs to ask you out of all people to borrow a measly 100 dollars then there is something weird going on there.

      I have given you my best feedback here. It's weird and I would trust your instinct.

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  • Time to move on

    I don't joke about money. I just about left the car dealer (and tearing up my contact info.) after the manager asked "what can we do to get you in a car today?" I SO forgot it was the end of the month and they want to try to make sales.

  • No, he is feeling you out. Do you have what most people would consider a good job? Did you inquire as to what you did early on in your conversation.

    • Yeah I have a well-paying job.

      Sorry I don't get what you mean in the second part. Do you mean what we were talking about?
      We were talking about car expenses. But in other conversations he mentioned his salary-being not enough. He never asked me how much I earn

    • Men like this will target women with well established pay - nurses, physician assistants, HR managers, engineers, things like that. No, he did not ask for your paycheck, but he does not need to. He will then lay the ground work by stating how little he makes.

  • there's a saying: "from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" . In other words though he might of been Joking that's likely is the case. Good luck to you.

    • I am really shocked at this... I am breaking up with him. what happened is a bad situation that is very embarrassing.

    • It does say a lot about his character, HE should be embarrassed. Politics, Religion, ans Money are three things to not be having conversations about in a new relationship IMO.

  • No, its not okay to joke about this. I would never ask someone i just met for money.


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  • he's a user if you said yes I guarantee you he would of took it

  • maybe he needed the money but feel bad and don't want to acre things up with you.

  • Not ok. Dump him. That's weird.