How can I win her back after messing up? P. S. I genuinely like this girl!?

Backstory: I met this girl on tinder about 3 weeks ago. We haven't been able to meet yet because I'm in college and can't be in town very much. Anyways, we seemed to hit it off, and I eventually had a chance to ask her out on a date that we scheduled for today. I scheduled it las sunday. During the past week we've been talking and she told me she liked me and that she wanted to get to know me better. I was a goddamned idiot and listened to what I read online telling me that I shouldn't tell her I like her yet, and tell her that we shouldn't get to know each other over texting so that we had something to talk about on our date. I did this. Now come Friday, and she seems kind of distant, like she's not into the conversations like before. I asked how she was feeling because she had been sick all week. She said she was still sick, and said that we should "hang out" some other time. Now I'm fairly sure she's not sick anymore and that she just lost her interest in me because of what I said. She's a beautiful girl and I genuinely want to get to know her better, but I think I messed up when I didn't tell her I liked her back or that I didn't wan't to get to know her yet. Did this comment make her think that I was only into her for her body? I want to start things over, is there any chance of me doing this. If so, could you please help me out and give me a few pointers on where to start? Do I tell her I messed up and want to start over? Do I tell her I like her too?


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  • I'm not understanding what you did wrong?
    She's still responding to your text messages right... so say simply say things like
    Good morning beautiful
    If she text back tell her you missed her right then and there.
    Assure her that you want to see her again.
    And if she is sick say you'll bring over some soup.
    If she declines
    Tell her : You just really enjoy her company. And let her know you are there for her if she needs anything.
    Be open & Say: I just want to see your smile again

    I think you may be over-thinking it again. When a guy does not confess his feelings to a girl (he just started talking to ) it's not the end of the world. Why because as girls we know that guys have a hard time expressing how they feel. So sometimes for a guy showing is better than telling. Shower her with compliments. She'll love it.

    If you feel like you lost her. Just reel her back again. Girls do not loose feelings that quick. Don't let her slip away. (;

  • If you genuinely like her like you say you do then you will need to prove it to her! Show her that what happened was really a mistake and I would explain that what you did was really because you liked her and that you would like to have a second chance or that ou just want to start over


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