Will a guy ask a girl about her opinion on kids if he's not interested in being with her?

So i like this guy and we've been talking lately. The other day he asked me how i feel about kids. Do guys usually ask girls about kids if they dont plan on being with them. I wanted to know because im not sure if im reading too deep into that topic and if guys bring kids up to see a girls opinion and whether or not he can be with her or just as casual conversation to keep things interesting.


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  • There are a lot of possibilities, any of which could be true.

    He might be asking because he likes you but knows he wants kids one day and doesn't want to waste time on a relationship that can never fulfil that need. (or the reverse)

    He might have a lot of kids in his family and is wondering how you'd react if he invited you to a family gathering.

    Or like you say, he may just be thinking on his feet (but my guess would be one of the first two options)


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  • There could also be a slight deception in that this sort of questioning could establish your thinking of him as wanting a long term relationship.

    Not that it's likely, just providing further options.


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