Was he seriously pretending I was her the whole time he was saying these things to me?

Found out this guy I'd gotten close to for over a year is now dating someone. We used to be in touch every single day, morning to night.

We met at a party but he didn't even live in this state, so it was a long distance connection.

A few months ago he went on a vacation and he had already been acting a bit distant by that point.
One night while he was away he started texting me that he was homesick and said he wished I was there with him, and that he thought the whole time on the plane that it would be so cool to have been going with me instead of his guy friend.

It was sort of random because he was already seeming so distant. Before this point, this wouldn't have seemed so strange.

When he got back from the vacation he was never the same, I really never heard from him and then he started totally ignoring me.

So recently I found out he's in a relationship, and have to wonder: was he thinking of her when he said those things to me? Do people really do this? I always thought it was so strange for him to say those things, and then basically disappear... I always saw him as quite a bit needy as well.

Anyone have this happen to them?
? Anyone just curious here


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  • maybe he was just a player that wanted to get into your head, now he got someone and you are not on his priority list anymore. That you think about this proves that he got into your head. Just move on and don't think about nonsense like that.

    • We were in touch for over a year, every single day, of course he was in my head.

    • Yep. I wouldn't drag on something like this. Not for a year. You must feel bad I am sorry for that. Just try to forget about it, learn from it ;-)

    • Yeah it's pretty frustrating now looking back :-/

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