Should I pursue her or not? Help!?

I met this great girl and we had a nice first date. Low-key first date, but conversation was great and we spent about 5 hours together. Beautiful, smart girl. Slightly awkward, but very very cute. No goodnight kiss, I like to wait a little bit for that.

Anyways, I suspect she is a little awkward with texting as I usually don't get back much of a response to work with. I would normally chalk it up to her not having interest, but she was like that between when we met and our first date. Between when we met and had our first date, I assumed she just wasn't that interested but she asked about us going on a date (I asked her out originally) so I figured maybe she is just awkward with texts. I think that's cute if so.

I called her up after our first date (thinking she doesn't like to text) and we had a nice little chat but I always have to text her or call her or else I won't hear from her.

So, girls, what do I do? Should I not text/call her and see what she does or just pursue her anyways? I'm recently getting out of a very long term relationship and this is the first girl I've been excited about in awhile, so I don't want to mess this up.


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  • Go for her. Nothing wrong is going on. She just wants to feel wanted.

  • Don't overthink it. She likes you. Just take it easy and express to her how much you like her.


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