Is this right?

Ok me and my boyfriend were talking about seeing each other at the movies and he said if he sees me tomorrow then it will be 9 at night I said sure 9 is good so its set!? H said I don't know I'll let you know if I'm tired I said you should want to see me he said h has to drive 3 hours in the heat! Then get to his brothers house at 7 take a shower then go drive 30 minutes to see me all of this after work from 7am-4pm and his job is no joke hard work but he said if I'm tired I'm gonna rest idc I come first as everyone should put them selves first?

Is it right should he put himself first?

Or in the relationship I should come first? Then I asked him does he want to see me he said yes

Ohhh and btw by seeing me he is canceling a date with his brother we had a date first tho

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Oh wow is 50/50 on my poll yeah I wouldn't want him to crash thank you guys :) I appreciate it


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  • Well, first of all, it's not right for him to make plans with his brother if you had a date with him first. Unless it's an unusual circumstance where he rarely gets to see his brother, then I would understand... Second, I've worked a few hard jobs in my life, and believe me, after working 10 hours of concrete construction, you are tired as hell at the end of the day, I mean, I'd get home, eat, then sleep. If your boyfriend's job is as hard as you say, I would let him rest... I mean, do you really want him to risk crashing while driving 30 minutes to come see you? I know I wouldn't. I also agree with the first guy who posted, "a relationship requires compromising and sacrifices" so like mustang99 said, if you can go see him and hang out at his place, that might be WAY easier on him.


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  • A relationship requires compromising and sacrifices. In this case, if he's to tired maybe you should respect the fact that he's been working really hard and see if the two of you could hang out the next day or another time. Or, see if you could go to his place and just chill out. But if he's breaking up plans with you for his brother, then that's not right to you, since your date with him was first.

  • yeah, see, I had the issue of drifting in and out of sleep while I was driving 40 minutes to see my girlfriend of the time while I was working construction. Lets just say on the way back home, I'm glad I had 4 wheel drive :)


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