How to be more seen as girlfriend material, than just one of the guys?

Well, let me describe myself first, I am a girl who likes to dress sporty and comfortable but can be a girly girl. I mean like to get all dolled up when i go somewhere nice and do my nails and do other girly things. Also, my personality is bubbly , outgoing, and humerous. I like to be social, bubbly, and be funny, its just naturally who i am but I feel guys I know or who meet me, see me as more as a real cool and funny friend. They also have no problem talking about girls and sports in front of me and thats cool their comfortable around me but I often think when they talk about girls they find hot, if they or could they see me as a hot girl and potential girlfriend material.
I mean there has been times where guys I know have seen me all dressed up and were surprised and told me i look pretty and other times told me I had a charming personality. Im glad that they like my personality and good sense of humor but I would like to be seen more as a girl they see as more girlfriend material, than just one of the guys. Im not sure how to get them to see this but by maybe dressing up more or I don't know lol what do you guys think? Thanks for your opinions. :)


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  • I guess you'd need to leave that circle if you want one of those guys.

    • Yeah I see ur point. Well, now i think about its cool having guys friends, I guess my question would be just how to seem gf material with guys in general, not as just friend material.

    • Well, for guys to accept you as their friend, they basically take away your sexuality. So find some way to reintroduce it, most easily done by touching people, but flirting helps too.

    • Okay good advise, thank you, that helps. :)

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