I asked a girl out at a Halloween party last night, how to deal with meeting each other sober?

Sorry if this bit TL/DR category, but here goes:
So last night, I was at a Halloween party, I met a really cute girl named Erin, she was dressed as the Goddess Athena, but I assumed in her white gown she was trying to pass off as Marilyn Monroe. We were both really drunk, she was telling me that I'm really cute, I asked her if she was single, after five seconds of awkwardness after telling me that she was, I finally managed to ask her out for coffee.

Anyway, I called her just this morning, and she was tired and groggy but said she would meet later this week. I feel like I drink to excess to overcompensate for my shyness, I guess I'm concerned that she may not find me as charming or cute when my blood-alcohol content is zero. I know beer and whiskey are a crutch but I'm only human, any advice would be appreciated :)


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  • Just meet with her this week.

    ASAP, tell her a place, day and time. If a guy says he wants to hang out but doesn't suggests a place and time, I'm not taking it serious. And be on time!! Always pay for the girls coffee. These things alone already help make a good first impression.

    First of all you should talk about the party with her, and remind her you really thought she was pretty at the party and happy you two got together. Then ask her about her family, school, any pets.. then you share some of your stuff.
    I'm sure it'll be fine.

    Mine please? Need a guy's perspective lol www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1200562-he-s-been-distant-lately-how-to-make-a-deeper-connection


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