What should I do about asking him out?

So there is a guy that I like, the most i have ever talked to him at school is just to say hey, but 2-3 nights a week we text for like three hours. yesterday being Halloween we talked about what we did. he didn't have any plands and just went home after his football game. i went to a smallish party with some friends and i said next time i hung out with them he should come. he seemed into it and was likeyeah that sounds cool. so said friends and i are planning on goingto this trampoline place next weekend, should i invite him? or does this seem to forward/desparate? it would be me, him, a friend of mine, andother friend and their bf. I want to ask him but i dont want to rush things and have that mess up any potential here. so should i ask him now, or wait for another event?


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  • Invite him! it sounds fun!
    Let him kno how fun it is and he will enjoy it